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If you are worried about your mole or skin lesion, get it examined by our UKSKIN specialists now – click here to book a FREE consultation with our Skin Surgeon Specialist. Our bespoke check-up appointment includes the examination of the skin lesion/mole and of the whole body if requested. This will give you peace of mind and detect any problems early. It also includes assessment of the risk factors and educating you about the early warning signs of skin cancer, how to perform self-examination of a mole and how to best protect your skin going forward.

If you feel that your skin lesion/mole is impacting your self-confidence and causing you problems or looks suspicious, we can provide the option for you to have it removed safely and efficiently by us.

Price : Consultation £100 (Free if surgery takes place)

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  • Skin lesions and benign mole removal specialist

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  • Quality outcomes at affordable prices

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