Keloid is an Abnormal Bulky Scar that grows beyond the boundaries of the original Scar. When the skin is broken – for example, by a cut, bite, scratch, burn, acne or piercing – the body produces a certain amount of protein called collagen which should stop once the wound is sealed. However, sometimes this production of collagen won’t stop and scars continue growing, becoming bigger than the original wound.

The exact cause is not fully understood. Keloid’s are more common in people with dark skin and it’s thought they may run in families. The common areas are on the central chest, shoulders, earlobes, but they can happen anywhere. They are raised, hard, shiny, hairless, red or purple at the beginning then become brown. Sometimes they can cause tenderness, itchiness and disfigurement. Unfortunately,  there is no cure for this condition however we can make these scars flatter and relieve the itchiness by using steroid injections. Sometimes if they are big, we can remove them surgically and inject steroids on site at the same time.

Price : £ 160 per injection.
Excision £ 380 (average size)

What is included : Once the patient goes ahead for surgery, the price will include the consultation, the surgical procedure, the post-operative care pack and the post treatment review if requested.

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