What is a Senile Warts or Seborrheic Keratosis (SK)?

Seborrhoeic keratosis or SK are common Benign sun damage skin lesions. They have a flat wart-like surface and typically look like they are stuck onto skin. They can be skin coloured or become darker. They don’t have any potential to become cancerous, however they can cause irritation, bleed and become infected.

Cryotherapy is a good option if they are not too thick. However, if they are thick then Surgical removal is a better option. It will also provide the specimen to be sent for testing if the clinician has any doubt that the skin lesion could be suspicious. The procedure will be done under local anaesthetic and would last approximately 20 minutes.

Price : £ 280 (average size)

What is included : Once the patient goes ahead for surgery, the price will include the consultation, the surgical procedure, the post-operative care pack and the post treatment review if requested.


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