What are Skin Tags and Skin Polyps?

Skin Tags are Benign small pedunculated soft tumours of the skin. They are made of cells called Dermal Fibroblasts.

The cause of their growth is unknown but could be related to any of the following ; Skin Rubbing, a Virus called HPV, being overweight or it could also be family related. They are more common over the Neck, Eyelids, Armpits, under the Breast and in the Groin. They can get irritated when they get caught (Shaving, Clothing, Jewellery) or they can become necrotic and painful if twisted.

Removal of these benign skin growths is by surgical shave and cauterisation. The procedure will be done under local anaesthetic and would last approximately 20 minutes.

What is included : Once the patient goes ahead for surgery, the price will include the consultation, the surgical procedure, the post-operative care pack and the post treatment review if requested.

Customer Reviews

“I recently had a skin tag and mole removal from UK SKIN and it was a very positive experience. The clinic was very clean and the staff were very helpful and welcoming. The doctor explained the procedure in a straightforward manner, and it was relatively painless. I was given aftercare instructions, and I have healed very well. Overall, I would recommend UK SKIN for skin tag removals and mole removals!”


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