What is a Viral Warts/Verruca?

Verruca or Viral Wart is a viral infection of the epidermis layer of the skin due to one of the numerous human papilloma viruses (HPV). They are contracted when an individual has broken skin, allowing the virus to invade and trigger the rapid growth of cells on the outer layer of the skin.

Treatment of Viral warts include Cryotherapy or Surgical Shave. Cryotherapy is a common treatment for flat viral warts. However, if they are thick Cryotherapy might not be enough. Therefore, Surgical Shave removal is a better option. The procedure will be done under local anaesthetic and would last roughly 20 minutes.

Price : Shave excision = £280

What is included : Once the patient goes ahead for surgery, the price will include the consultation, the surgical procedure, the post-operative care pack and the post treatment review if requested.


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