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Varicose Veins UK Skin


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What are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are swollen, lumpy and twisted blue or purple veins.

Typical symptoms include:

  • An uncomfortable heavy/aching feeling in the legs
  • Cramps in your leg muscles
  • A burning or throbbing sensation in the legs
  • Swollen ankles or feet

Varicose veins are not the same as Thread veins, which are tiny red or blue vessels that sit close to the skin's surface. Find out more here.

Treatment options

Treatment: Radiofrequency Ablation ("RFA")

Varicose Veins UK Skin

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) endorses RFA as an effective treatment for varicose veins (read their research here).

  • RFA uses radiofrequency energy to treat the varicose veins and relieve symptoms (such as pain, heaviness and irritation) whilst also improving the appearance of the vein.
  • This is a 'walk-in-walk-out' procedure that is performed under local anaesthetic.
  • It leaves only a small amount of bruising or swelling


Treatment: Ultrasound-guided Foam Sclerotherapy ("UGFS")

Varicose Veins UK Skin

This is the most cost-effective and least invasive treatment for varicose veins. UGFS relieves both skin irritation and leg pain, and improves the appearance of your legs. A foam sclerosant is injected into the veins via small plastic tubes, causing the veins to block up and eventually disappear. An ultrasound scanner is used to guide the placement of the tubes to ensure the veins are being treated in the safest and most accurate manner.

As with RFA, this is a walk-in-walk-out procedure and is performed under local anaesthetic.

UGFS can be performed on its own or alongside RFA.



All treatment packages include an examination, free ultrasound scan (worth £350), the procedure, compression stocks and aftercare. 

Examination with an expert NHS consultant (includes free ultrasound scan)



Ultrasound-Guided Foam Sclerotherapy (UGFS) Injections with an expert NHS Consultant

One leg from - £849

Two legs from - £1499


Radiofrequency Ablation Package (including Phlebectomy) with an expert NHS Consultant

One leg from - £1995

Two legs from - £2695

Varicose Veins UK Skin

0% Finance options available

Please note: Additional sclerotherapy injections, if required, will be charged at £350 per session. The consultant may also recommend you undergo sclerotherapy alongside RFA. Pricing for this package, if required, will be confirmed on the day of your consultation.

Our Expert Vascular Surgeon

Varicose Veins UK Skin

Dr Harmeet Khaira

"I have been a consultant surgeon since 1999 and in that time I have developed a reputation for my surgical skill and excellent patient interaction.

I completed my medical training from Cambridge and Oxford Universities. After this I worked in the West Midlands to complete my surgical training with extensive experience in general and vascular surgery, with special interest in varicose veins."

Varicose Veins UK Skin
Varicose Veins UK Skin
Varicose Veins UK Skin
Varicose Veins UK Skin

"We provide the Gold Standard in Varicose Vein treatments in Birmingham. I will personally ensure, as your dedicated vascular surgeon, that you get the best treatment and aftercare if you choose us."

- Dr Khaira, Lead Vascular Surgeon, UKSKIN

Our Expert Clinic

Headquartered in our state-of-the-art clinical setting at Birmingham Private Clinic, with clinics across the Midlands and London, we utilise medical grade technology and expertly trained surgeons to deliver bespoke and high quality treatments for you.

Varicose Veins UK Skin

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