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Google Rating
Based on 113 reviews
Gynecomastia UK Skin



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Our 5* Reviews

Google Rating
Based on 113 reviews
Gynecomastia UK Skin
Hashim, Birmingham
Gynecomastia Patient

Excellent experience with my chest reduction surgery, Dr Braham was really professional and the whole team made me feel at ease throughout the whole process. If you are in the Birmingham area I would not go anywhere else, you get what you pay for here, quality surgeons, quality outcomes! 

Jake, Nottingham
Gynecomastia Patient

My research on top VASER surgeons led me to UKSKIN. Dr Ouali did a fantastic job on my gynecomastia procedure and I've had one-to-one aftercare since my procedure. I'm very happy with my result and the level of care/attention I was given during and after my surgery. 

Euan, Solihull
Gynecomastia Patient

I haven't come across such a slick procedure and medical facility in all my years! Once I walked in for my consultation I had pretty much set my mind on having my breast reduction at UKSKIN - five star treatment and result, I'd recommend to all guys suffering with moobs 

Mo, Birmingham
Gynecomastia Patient

I don't really do reviews but the team here did such a good job on my gynecomastia surgery. I really appreciated the honesty from the surgeon doing my procedure, expectations were well managed, and in all honesty, the result was actually better than I expected 

Treatment options

Male Breast Reduction with VASERlipo®

VASERlipo® is the next generation ultrasound-assisted liposuction procedure that uses sound waves to precisely break apart fat deposits for easy, safe removal, fast recovery and smooth results. Read more about it by clicking on this link.

VASERlipo® is the Gold Standard for Male Breast Reduction.

Using a liposuction tube, our surgeons can remove excess breast fat by breaking apart and draining the fat cells to sculpt a more natural looking male chest. This form of specialist liposuction is minimally invasive and has a quick recovery time.

Male Breast Reduction with Tissue Excision + VASERlipo®

In patients with a higher Gynecomastia grading (see below) or larger male breasts (where a larger proportion of excess breast tissue is composed of glandular tissue), breast gland tissue may need to be removed. This cannot be removed by liposuction only, so VASERlipo® needs to be combined with gland excision surgery.

During this procedure, a small incision is made around the edge of the areola, through which excess fat and glandular tissue is removed. This results in a flatter, more sculpted, masculine shape for the chest.

Our surgeons will typically combine the use of tissue excision with VASERlipo® technology to achieve the optimal results for our patients. VASERlipo® allows our surgeons to reduce the risk of irregularity and unevenness in the chest area, whilst also reducing the risk of bruising.

Gynecomastia UK Skin


Gynecomastia UK Skin

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Our Expert Surgeon

Gynecomastia UK Skin

Dr Braham Ouali

Dr Braham is an award winning Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon.

He is a founding partner of the UKSKIN brand and our Lead Gynecomastia & VASERlipo® Surgeon. He is responsible for the delivery and quality of the Surgical Procedures performed at UKSKIN.

As well as being a specialist in Male Breast Reduction , Dr Braham is also trained and certified in Hair Restoration Surgery, MicroSurgery, Skin Surgery and Breast Surgery.

Meet our expert team of Leading Plastic Surgeons & Medical Specialists

We provide the Gold Standard in Gynecomastia Treatments in the Midlands

Our Expert Clinic

Headquartered in our state-of-the-art clinical setting at Birmingham Private Clinic, with clinics across the Midlands and London, we utilise medical grade technology and expertly trained surgeons to deliver bespoke and high quality treatments for you.

Gynecomastia UK Skin

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How does VASERlipo® work? How does it differ from traditional liposuction?

VASER Lipo is an advanced body contouring procedure that selectively removes unwanted body fat. An alternative to the harsh techniques of traditional liposuction, VASER Lipo uses state-of-the-art ultrasound technology designed to gently reshape your body. What distinguishes the VASER Lipo procedure is its ability to differentiate targeted fat from other important tissues – such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. Innovative VASER technology breaks up fat while preserving these other important tissues to promote smooth results and rapid healing.

How does VASERlipo® work?

First, the area to be reshaped is filled with a tumescent saline solution that helps numb the site and shrink the blood vessels (to minimize blood loss and reduce bruising). This solution wets and fills the area to be treated, making it easier to break up fatty tissue with the VASER Lipo System’s ultrasound energy. Then a small probe transmits sound energy to break up (liquefy) fat on contact while preserving other important tissues. Finally, the liquefied fat is removed through a gentle suction process designed to minimize trauma to surrounding tissue structures such as nerves, blood vessels and other connective tissues.

What body areas can be treated with VASERlipo®?

Doctors have experienced great success in treating all of the following areas: abdomen, thighs, knees, ankles, calves, buttocks, hips, back, arms, male and female breasts, love handles, chin, face and just about any other body part you need treated.

How much fat can be taken? Can you treat multiple areas at once?

VASER Lipo allows physicians to treat multiple body areas at one time. A doctor will be able to give you a better idea of what is right for you and how much fat will be taken out during your procedure. Bear in mind that this procedure is not intended as a weight loss solution. The goal is to create a slimmer silhouette. You may not notice a significant amount of weight loss, but you should be pleased with your slimmer new shape.

How soon will I see my results? What is the recovery time?

This varies with the extensiveness of the procedure—the amount of fat removed, the number of areas treated, and so on. Many patients report that they see results immediately after the procedure with the final result at around 3 to 6 months. It is important that you establish realistic expectations through discussion with your doctor.

What about future weight gain / fat migrating to other areas?

This is a common misperception. Following your VASER Lipo procedure, should you experience weight gain or loss, it will tend to be proportionately distributed over your entire body. Once you have fat removed, it is gone and, assuming a healthy lifestyle of proper diet and exercise, it will not return or migrate. However, because fat is necessary to a healthy body, some essential fat layers in any given area remain untreated. If you do gain a significant amount of weight, the remaining fatty tissue will expand. Normal aging changes can also be expected.

How can I be certain this procedure is right for me?

If you are frustrated by the resistance of certain body areas to diet and exercise, VASER Lipo can provide a solution. If you are healthy and seeking a fast, low-pain solution to losing stubborn fat deposits, the VASER Lipo procedure could be your answer. Although there are limits to the amount of fat that can be removed, your doctor can assist you with your decision about potential areas for sculpting, anticipated results, and the recovery process.

What is VASER Hi-Def®?

Get the definition you’ve always wanted with VASER Hi-Def®. This advanced sculpting technique takes VASERlipo® to a whole new level. By removing the fat around muscle groups, muscles look more defined, giving you a sculpted, athletic appearance.

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